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Keep the Change 不用找了

Things Have Been Okay 一切都正常

Bedtime Prayers睡前祷告词

That's Why 原来如此

I'm Glad 我很高兴

A Problem in Arithmetic 一个数学问题

Lucky Mother 幸运的母亲

A Baby Sister 小妹妹

Imitation 模 仿

Persistance 缠住不放

A Small Boy and a Donkey 小男孩与驴子

Good News and Bad News 好消息和坏消息

Anything 什么都行

Personal Hero 心目中的英雄

Treat 款 待

Girl's Name 女孩的名字

A Telephone Call 一个电话

I'm Trying to Stop It 把它堵在里面

I Didn't Notice It 我没有看到它

Two Pounds of Plums 两磅李子

The Toast Is Burned 面包烤焦了

Ah, Kids 哎,孩子

Goldfish 金鱼

Actual Age 实际年龄

I Wasn't Listening 我没有在听

Prepare Yourself 自己做好准备

Plagiarism 抄 袭

Part-time Job 业余工作

Virtue 美 德

Difference 区 别

Class and Ass 班和笨驴

Keys? Kiss? 钥匙还是接吻

Flunking Math 数学没及格

Promotion 提升

Who Is This 你是哪一个?

One Point 一分之差

New Year Resolution 新年决心书

Ground Rules 基本原则

Warning 提醒

Real Play 逼真的戏剧

He Was Only Wrong by Two 他的得数只比正确答案多二

Napoleon Was Ill 拿破仑病了

Tragedy 灾难

What My Daddy Does 父亲的职业

My First and My Last 第一次与最后一次

New Discovery 新发现

Chaude and Cold 热与冷

A Soldier's Brilliant Idea 士兵的高招

A Nail Or A Fly? 钉子还是苍蝇?

First Flight 第一次坐飞机

I'll See to the Rest 其余的事由我负责

Twin Lobsters 孪生龙虾

A Trip to Disney 迪斯尼之族

Millionaire 百万富翁

A Fine Match 势均力敌

A Family Rule 家规

The Same Service 同样的服务

An Old Couple's Quarrel 老夫妻吵架

I Don't Know Her 我还不认识她呢

The Day Off From Work 丈夫的休息日

Put That Ring Back On 把戒指戴回去

Present for Girlfriend 送给女友的礼物

Wood Fire 森林之火

Gardening Gloves 园艺手套

S.O.B. 狗娘养的

All Right 没关系

Respectable Boyfriend 体面的男朋友

A Way to Make Money 生财有道

Difficult Husband 丈夫难伺候

Don't Worry about Being Late 不用担心迟到

Beyond Tolerance 难以忍受

General Patton 巴顿将军

Taming of the Shrew 驯悍有方

The Bait 诱饵

A Forgetful Husband 健忘的丈夫

My Husband Will Be Home Soon 我丈夫马上就要回来了

Man And Woman 女人和男人

Speed Limit 速度限制

Quick Reaction 快速反应

None Other Than a Soldier 正是士兵

Visual Training 视力训练

Best Reward 最好的奖赏

Large Uniforms 大制服

West Point 西点军校

Toyota 丰田

That's It 原来如此

Two Soldiers 两名士兵

Very Pleased to Meet You 很高兴认识你

Five Months Older 大五个月

A Young Officer and an Old Soldier 青年军官与老兵

The Same Duties 相同的职责

Area 51 Mix-up 51号区域的混乱

Midway Tactics 中间战术

Early Shopper 采购过早

Too Polite 太有礼貌

Good Points and Bad Points 优缺点

Keep the Change 零钱不用找了

Wings 翅 膀

Camera 照相机

Three Whistles 三声口哨

Two Dollars 两元钱

How Much Is It? 多少钱?

I Am Acting Like a Lady 我要表现得象位女士

To Congress 去国会

Take Good Care 好好保护

CD Player CD唱机

Reminder 催单

Creative 创造性

One Side of the Case 一面之辞

Three Surgeons 三个外科医生

Imitate Birds 模仿鸟儿

A Smugglar 走私犯

Sleeping Pills 安眠药

Charge for Bread and Butter面包和黄油费

Clarinet 单簧管

Asking for a Raise 要求加薪

Roses for My Wife 给妻子的玫瑰

Jury Duty 陪审义务

Fairy Tales Beginning 童话开篇

Weather Predict 天气预报

Only Once 只有一次

Good News And Bad News 好消息和坏消息

A Mistake 搞错了

Skunk 臭鼬

Starstruck 追星族

Patience 耐 性

Perfect Match 绝 配

Did You Know Him? 你认识他吗?

Raccoons 浣熊

Grow Beard 蓄须

Ski Lessons 滑雪课

Response Ability 答问技巧

Timing is Everything 适时就是一切

writing letter 写信

Good News and Bad News 好消息与坏消息

Success is: 什么是成功

So Fast 如此迅速

Does Anyone Want a Nice Clean Plate? 有人要干净的盘子吗?



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